Speaker Proposal FAQ Everything you need to submit your proposal today!



Sharing the work you’re doing is a key part of Parchment Connect National. Members from across the country struggle with similar issues and will benefit from your expertise. Now is the time to share your challenges, successes, explorations, and interests. The conference needs you to be a success!


The Benefits of Presenting at Parchment Connect National:

  • Share your best practices with colleagues
  • Help shape the future of education
  • Be a leader within the industry
  • Complimentary registration
  • Complimentary hotel stay on March 2 at the Washington Marriott Georgetown

Speaker Expectations

  • Speakers are responsible for registering themselves for the conference and securing all necessary travel and lodging to attend the conference.
  • Speakers must attend the conference to present.
  • Speakers should submit all of the necessary items as requested at the time of submission. Submissions must be completed through the online form; no exceptions will be made.
  • Speakers must submit a copy of all handout materials, presentations, and any links to sites that might be visited prior to the conference, as outlined in the proposal acceptance letter.

Checklist for Submission

  • Title of the Session
  • Presenter(s) Name
  • Presenter(s) Title
  • Presenter(s) Institution/Company
  • Brief Session Description (15-30 words)
  • Full Session Description for Program (up to 500 words)
  • Type of Session: Information Session (35 minutes) or Panel (Panel must have a minimum of 3 people, but no more than 4)
  • Media to be used and audiovisual equipment needed (if any). Note: The following standard audiovisual equipment will be provided for informational sessions: data projector equipped with a universal VGA cable to accommodate both PC and Macintosh platforms, an Internet connection, and a screen.  If you have any other special requests please note them and they will be reviewed.

Selection Criteria

  • The session relates to the conference theme
  • The session focus on a new or “hot” topic within the industry
  • Relevance of the ideas, innovations, and methods
  • Clarity and appropriateness for the audience
  • Is there data or research available regarding your presentation?
  • Will the session positively contribute to the conference?
  • Is the presentation engaging?
  • Does the presentation fit the format you chose?
  • The session is being given by a Parchment customer(s)


All proposals have been accepted.

Presenters must accept and register by: January 13, 2017

All presentation materials must be submitted by: February 17, 2017
If you have questions please contact us at  ghanson@parchment.com