Digitize All Your Records And Say Goodbye To Paper.


Whether you’re managing the records of a closed school or simply trying to avoid that one room with transcripts stacked taller than you, Parchment Services are a must-have solution. Our staff is FERPA trained and we have processed over 40 million student records since 2003. Your documents will never be safer than after we turn them into secure, data readable PDFs. Parchment Services were built so you can say goodbye to paper.



Scan & Index

Mail us the records. We'll scan and extract key data points. You receive the secure PDFs. Tell us if you want the paper records back or let us shred them to bits. Your call.

Document Safety

Why digital records? Because life happens. From floods to fires, have peace of mind that the records you digitize will forever be safe and accessible.

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Registrar Services

Managing your institution is hard enough, let alone a closed one. That's where we come in. Online ordering, delivery tracking and support for those alumni - done.

Putting Members First

While we're a small part of your day, you're at the center of ours. From a dedicated Account Executive to an entire Support Team and regional Connect events, we're here if you need help.

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Become a Parchment Pro!

Learn to cut your time processing all records from hours to minutes by leveraging key resources. These sessions will introduce high school counselors to Parchment’s new system updates and functionality.

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